Why civilised living can keep us stuck.

Where will we unleash and explore our wildness? Not at the office. At the park perhaps, next to the “Do not walk on the grass” sign. Even on playgrounds, we are quick to calm our kids down if they get rough.

There are many rules and habits that “domesticate” our behavior. With the intention of keeping us safe and comfortable. A feeling of safety is important. Though sometimes, trying to push away all perceived risk, we can create a comfort that becomes suffocating.

Good chances are that, if you are on this page, you have a strong feeling or understanding that our domestication has a price. Something hard to remember. An experience of confident aliveness we see in wild animals. 

While it is not yet of the order that we all throw our clothes off, run off into the forest and never come back. There is a possibility to have a taste of your “inner” wild nature.

Even in small quantities this wildness can be incredibly empowering.

Making you feel energized, confident and understood, without the need to prove or explain anything.

It becomes something you are,  from the inside, that does not depend on what others think or do.