Primal Play with Harald

Playful movement workshops that grow confidence, creativity and community

Let’s play again and unleash our inner wildness!

Do you have a wild side, that craves to come out and play?

You’re not alone.

And yet, do you sometimes feel caged in urban life, as if there is no time or place for you to express yourself fully?

Sometimes I do.

A lot of kids do.

Many adults I meet do too.

That’s why I offer a safe environment to connect with other human animals like you.

You can expect a few hours of playful and creative movement, based on dance, theater, playfight and inspired by primal play.

There will be moments of loudness and expression as well times to feel and rest.

Workshops can happen indoors or outdoors depending on the intention and the weather.

Who’s playing?

Meet Harald De Bondt. Supposedly descendant from the Homo Silly Sapiens.

Trained dance-movement therapist and yoga teacher. Specialising in free form arts such as contact improvisation and primal play. For the past 5 years he has been facilitating embodiment workshops and supporting individuals in their process.

His mission is to create natural spaces for learning and pleasure. He envisions intelligent communities who are in touch with their land, body, imagination and the folk around them.

Interested? Questions? Contact us in the form below.

What are you still looking for? Do you want to know more about the science of play and why exactly we all need it in our life?

New York Times published an article

A scientific journal just of adult play

It’s not just fun – it’s fundamental to your child’s development.
– Unicef